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Why Ruby is my favourite platform and language

First, read about yellow, red and green code.

Ruby is the only language that I’ve encountered so far that

  • helps me separate the green code from the yellow,
  • provides enough library and community support to help me “get the job done”.

I’ve found that the elder lisps are good at keeping green and yellow apart, but I have not found library support to be very strong.

Maybe Clojure has something to contribute here.


Platforms that help you build more

Look at your favourite platform, and ask: what would you NOT have thought of building, if it hadn’t been for that platform?

I’ve found that a good way to answer that question is to look back at things that you’ve done. Looking back at what I have done in Ruby, and at what I have done in .NET/C#, have taught me a lot about the differences in the way these two platforms helped me think. .NET/C# has more support for anything I could ever think of. But C# doesn’t excite the gemcutter in me.